The Learning Center

About The Learning Center


The mission of The Learning Center is to inspire, challenge, and empower students to achieve academic success.

The Learning Center (TLC) Services:


Writing Coaches

  • Writing Process Development and Feedback
  • Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Editing and Proofreading Strategies

Math and Science Tutors

Academic Coaches

  • Time Management
  • Study Strategies
  • Effective Note Taking

Course-Embedded Peer Educators

Supportive Seminars & Supplemental Instruction

  • Offers peer facilitated study sessions providing students with additional support for historically-difficult courses
  • Fosters learning to improve students’ grades and retention
  • Develops transferable academic skills students can utilize in other courses
  • Look for Supportive Seminars in Humanities and Arts and Supplemental Instruction in Math, Science, and Economics

Stop by our offices located in the Learning Commons on the main floor of Rod Library to access TLC's services. There are no fees for most of our services. Let us help you become a more efficient and effective learner and develop a greater sense of personal control over your academic performance in an accessible, supportive environment.

“Studies show that students who become actively involved with academic support services outside the classroom are more likely to attain higher college grades and complete their college degree, particularly if they began their involvement with these support services during the first year of college” (Cuseo, 2003).